using a UartSB Frame to program an Artmega328

I am wondering if you are able to program an artmega328 using the UartSB frame that is meant for the film?

I have a 328 that i have working on a board. I have uploaded a program by using an UNO socket and have confirmed that it works…

If it is possible, can you give me the pins to use on the UartSB to the pins on the artmega?


Dear customer,

UartSB is a product, but ATmega328 is a chip, which product do you mean?
Can you attach a link?That would be helpful.



I am trying to program the Chip with the UartSB

I have this working … erial-com/

I would like to know, if its possible to program it with the UartSB, just because i have one at hand.

If it is, which groups of pins do i use on the UartSB to which on the Artmega328

Dear customer,

Here is link for seeeduino 3.0.
It is similar with Arduino, there is Eagle file you can see and find the port or pins which we how to connect. …

Hope can help you.

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