USBCAN V7.20 Receive Error 255

I’m connecting the USB0CAN Analyzer to a GM 2012 Camaro. I’m getting a Receive Error: 255, Error: Error passive, Bus State: Bus-on
I can’t seem to find any help on what this error means and what settings I should be using.

I’m no longer getting the errors. After matching the com bps, selecting open and then monitor, the errors are 0, Error normal, and Bus State Bus-on. But no data is read in and displayed.

FYI - I can communicate using HPTuner VCMSuite using their adaptor. This is the reported info text:
Protocol Info: ISO 15765-2, J1962: CAN, 500 kb/s
Scanning Methods: ISO 15031-5 Mode 0x01 Functional, ISO 15031-5 Mode 0x01 Physical, CAN Listener, SAE J2190 Mode 0x22, HPT Mode 0x23, GM Mode 0x2C 0x2D 0xAA