Upload different bootloader into XIAO

Hi, The current bootloader that comes with XIAO is unreliable. It randomly stops working when trying to upload from arduino IDE. I love XIAO for its very small size and cost. Its a great product, except for this bootloader issue.
Anybodys knows if we can replace the current bootloader with a different stable one, like the bootloader used in arduino (optiboot) or adafruit M0 or something like that? A robust and reliable bootloader will make XIAO an awesome product.

Hi @John_Doe
You can have a try CircuitPython Bootloader for Seeeduino XIAO .
More info refers to here.

Hi, I’ve found another solution with someone’s help actually. I had an issue that I couldn’t upload anything at some point and port has changed from COM6 to COM7 and it looked like in bootloader mode.
The fix was to manually change COM7 to COM6 in Device Manager (right-click on the port, go to Properties->Port Settings->Advanced and then force change port). After that I reconnected XIAO and uploaded blank script with start and loop only. And it worked! :slight_smile: Now I can do everything fine as previously.