Universal method - use J-link to burn firmware

How can I update the firmware of the radar sensors with Jlink?
The described way on WiKi does not work because the file JLinkDevives.xml is missing.
Unfortunately, I can’t find this file on the website where it can be downloaded!

Hi there,
Afaik its generated when you install jLink and add the device programmer you use. Ie. Jlink or edu jlink.
I’ll check my install and report back.
GL :smiley: PJ.

syntax error in XML. JLink will remain totally silent about this. If you face similar difficulties, check your xml. The parsing has probably failed.

For example, when the following settings are added to JLinkDevices.xml, the device selection screen for OZone and JFlash is as follows.

XML Source Code
   <ChipInfo Vendor="ST" Name="STM32F730V8" Core="JLINK_CORE_CORTEX_M7" Aliases="Palawan_1;Palawan_2" />
   <ChipInfo Vendor="ST" Name="Palawan_1" Core="JLINK_CORE_CORTEX_M7" WorkRAMAddr="0x20010000" WorkRAMSize="0x0002C000" />
   <FlashBankInfo Name="QSPI Flash" BaseAddr="0x90000000" MaxSize="0x01000000" Loader="Devices/ST/STM32F7/ST_STM32F730V8_Palawan_QSPI.elf" LoaderType="FLASH_ALGO_TYPE_OPEN" AlwaysPresent="1" />
   <ChipInfo Vendor="ST" Name="Palawan_2" Core="JLINK_CORE_CORTEX_M7" WorkRAMAddr="0x20020000" WorkRAMSize="0x0001C000" />
   <FlashBankInfo Name="QSPI Flash" BaseAddr="0x90000000" MaxSize="0x08000000" Loader="Devices/ST/STM32F7/ST_STM32F730V8_Palawan_QSPI.elf" LoaderType="FLASH_ALGO_TYPE_OPEN" AlwaysPresent="1" />


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THX for your support!