Two things:

Just wanted to ask, (I’m new to the forum). I’m considering purchasing the CAN-BUS shield for my Arduino Mega 2560. The first question I have is, does the shield fit on the MEGA as well as the UNO? And secondly, I’ve got a Jaguar instrument cluster to connect to the CAN-BUS shield and I was wondering what things I’d need like knowing the ‘baud rate’ and what to actually type in etc… Thanks, Joel.

It will work with an UNO but the current production shield does not use the ICSP header for SPI so using a Mega will require some work. I am working on a revision that will move the SPI connections over to the ICSP header among some additional corrections and features. I plan to release the files for this board soon but I’m not sure who I need to contact to get it pushed into production. If it comes to it, I may end up getting the boards made and selling them to interested parties.

That is part of the fun. I have not interfaced to a Jaguar myself, but I am sure someone else has. Google would be your best bet for locating that information.