[Twitter] Seeed Studio reaches 100 users!

A little milestone!


Onto a thousand!

i wonder what the free product will be?
no matter what it is, like i need another excuse to buy stuff, heh

I was thinking of send some small gift with the orders like Bamboo Tweezers, Anti-static Cordless wrist strap, maybe some harness? Do you have any suggestions?

Hmm, you could include things like leds which are always useful. Those WiiChucks are great :wink: Harnesses wouldn’t be a bad idea, maybe something from your OS collection?

Yeah, I think everyone in electronics loves LEDs, god only knows I have probably 1000+ at home but still always buy more shrug

I actually have the bamboo tweezers, there cool, but i’ve burnt the tips off them now with SMD soldering, though I guess I could sand them down.

But yeah even a couple RGB leds would be cool as there is a lot you can do with them, or maybe a freeduino PCB, or a small 8x8 one color matrix, or a 16x2 lcd, or some switches, or a protoboard PCB. I would find all of them useful and none are too expensive. I think the PCBs would be cool then you could make the product with the parts laying in you junk box and a few other components.