Trying to find a way to connect a 12v fan to x86j4105

Since I bought Oddyssey sbc I was trying to figure out a way to connect a 12v regular pc fan to it.
I was thinking about using power connector that is used to power sata but I am not sure about it. Also I don’t know the official name of the 12v connecotrs that are present on the sbc and therefore I don’t know what adapter I should look for.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @k-Knight
There is no way to connect a 12v regular pc fan to X86.
Odyssey has a 5V PWM pin for the fan with a smaller header than the usual 5V pin header. You may need to replace the header in order to fit in.

Odyssey CPU fan power is 5V, it’s 4-wire. you can connect your fan to the sata power connector 12V power rail. In this case the fan run as full speed.

Thank you @Bruce.Qin . Although I have noticed that sometimes the voltage provided by 2 power pins goes down from 12.4v to 0.50mV. Maybe there is something I do not know. Also it appears that sometimes while tinkering with those 2 pins I have to restart my machine. :sweat_smile:


Look here my 12v fan solution, the fan is running slow, but I appreciate the lower temperature.

I saw your photos. So you only plugged the 12v fan to the sata power connector using an adapter right?
The problem is that I’m already using the sata power port. Have you guys any other solution? Thanks.


I plugged the PWM 4 pins fan, see the jiachenglu picture above on this page.
The fan is a 12v, but able to turn with 5v.