Translation of Grove and microbit extensions (Makecode)

Hello, I am using micro:bit and Grove Inventer Kit for micro:bit with Microsoft Makecode. When I call the Grove extension block, the block used to be displayed in Japanese, but now it is displayed in English (for example, the ultrasonic ranger). Please let me know if there is a solution to this problem.

Hi @tkwshnsk ,
Thanks for report.
I tried, but could not reproduce the problem.
Do you know the steps to reproduce the problem?

My steps are below:

  1. Run a Chrome browser in secret-mode.
  2. Open MakeCode for micro:bit site.
  3. Create new Project.
  4. Add the “grove” extension.

Hello @matsujirushi san, thank you for your comment!

It is difficult to reproduce the problem, but I can confirm that the first time the page is displayed in Japanese, but after refreshing the page, it becomes English. This is also the case with the incognito window.

Hi @tkwshnsk ,
Thank you for the easy to understand video.
I have also reproduced it in my hand.

I think this is a behavior that cannot be handled by Extension.
I will contact MakeCode team.

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Excellent! I appreciate your dedication to this project,@matsujirushi san😃

Hi @tkwshnsk ,
This issue was attached bug and next-release tags.
Maybe it will be fixed in the next release.