Translating LBP (Little Big Planet) to Electrical Components

I have recently become aquainted with basic hardware electronics.
I know practically no programming though.
What I do know is a game called Little Big Planet inside and out.
When fiddling around with electronics, I discovered that many of the components in LBP resembled real hardware components as well.
As I said I know basic electronics.
I want to take my ideas which I can form perfectly fine in LBP and translate them in to the real physical world.
My knowledge in electronics is very small.
I was hoping I can tell others what I want and the goals I am looking to accomplish so they may help.
This help I am seeking though will probably need a working knowledge of LBP to completely understand my goals.

All I need are people to just reply that they understand my “condition” and can help in the first place, I will post my actual question(s) in the future.

Thank you for the Support