Touch Shield schematic

I was wondering where the V1.0 touchshield schematic is. The board that I bought at radioshack the other day says Touch Shield V1.0. It has 2 HC245 as bus buffers similar to the adafruit touch shield. The V1.0 schematics and layouts on you wiki don’t reflect this. They have dropping R’s on the bus to scale the voltage down, like V.9b. Do you have the wrong schematic on the wiki?

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Our Eagle file is correct, it is no buffer on our TFT shield.
So everything is on the WIKI.

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Thanks for your reply - yuriq
I’ll send you a picture of the pc board as soon as I can get a camera that will focus that close. V1.0 by Seeed Studio 12A11.
Thanks again. Jeff


I just checked my 12A11 TFT from Seeedstudios also bought at Radioshack and it does in fact have a pair of HC245 chips in U3 and U4 positions on the board.
The 74HC245 is an Octal Bus Tranciever.
Here is the data sheet. … T245_2.pdf
Looks like the ones on the board are NPX.

The Eagle files appear to match the TFT Shield that is shown on your website but not the one we have.

I also purchased mine at Radio Shack and it is very different from the one shown in the Eagle files and the website.

The device appears to work OK so far but it does not seem to behave exactly the same. I am having a very difficult time changing it from the default vertical orientation to horizontal.

Here is the product listing:

Here is a picture of the unit I have. Clicking on it will bring you to one large enough to read the markings:

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Sorry the RadioShack 2.8 TFT Touch Shield Eagle File didn’t attach on our file.
Here it is.
Hope can help you.

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RadioShack 2.8 TFT Touch Shield Eagle (52 KB)

Thanks for the schematic Yuri !
This should help a bunch.

Can you please put it in a easy to access format? PDF, JPG, BPM?


Hey guys,
Did it myself. Sorry I can’t combine them to one pdf, I only have Acrobat Reader :unamused:

You can also use EAGLE to view the original schematic files. DL is here:

TFT Touch_BRD.pdf (42.4 KB)
TFT Touch_SCH.pdf (44.6 KB)