Timeout errors using Wio E5 Mini


I’m currently trying to get started with the Wio-E5-mini, but I am having troubles with connecting to it. I am using PuTTY for serial communications and when I first connected to it I always got the message:

'+INFO: Input timeout`

before the response for whatever command I put in. For example, if I simply input:


I would get the output:

‘+Info: Input timeout

I found in the AT command specification for the board https://files.seeedstudio.com/products/317990687/res/LoRa-E5%20AT%20Command%20Specification_V1.0%20.pdf that I coud disable the timer for this in hopes of solving my issues, but no I can’t turn on the counter for the timer again. So whenever I send an AT-command nothing happens except that the TX-led blinks whenever I send anything in PuTTY. So I am wondering if anyone knows what might be my problem? Is it that I not connecting with the board correctly or is it due to me disabling TIMEOUT, and if so how do I reenable it?

Thanks for your time!