ThingSpeak:Data Collect & Analysis for Wio Link

Yesterday i received my Deluxe pack from Kickstarter and connected the air quality sensor to initial state (with ifttt & maker channel)

What I want is to control my data for days by using the ThingSpeak platform which is open source.

Does anyone knows how to do it or can help?it would be a great idea for the whole Wio Link and grove community to post there data and users have full control of them.

Thank you.

As far as I know, it is still unavailable … Hope it can be soon…

Hello kchios, thanks for letting me know about ThingSpeak. I previously was unaware of it and now I have connected it to WioLink and Grove sensors! I am using node-red and there is a published node on the website: often from now on as it has excellent data analysis using MathLab tools.
ThingSpeak Screen Shot.JPG
POST Dialog.jpeg

I haven’t seen this forum for a while and now that I was re-organizing all my DIY electronics cards in I saw the forum again and it was nice to have that reply. I was going to install somewhere (a Ninja Block with BBW or a BBG)

I have seen in the forum you mentioned about in BBG and Wio Link as front-end, actually nodes that send several types of data(cause I have a lot of grove sensors)

So am going to do the same by installing and see what happens.
From Wio Links you receive the data by json to