temp control and relay

I’m wondering if anyone else has ever experienced what I am with them, the relay just goes haywire out of the blue. Is it a bad temp control, relay. or milcandy? Im dumbfounded, please help

Could you tell me what components you have used?And could you show me your code?
I would help you while you show your situation clear.

Best Regards

What code do you mean? Now I still haven’t figured this milcandy out yet and its been awhile as you can see, I will hook a PIR up to it and as soon as I do the relay just goes nuts and does a drum roll as with the grove temp too, please help me, I know its me but what am I doing wrong? Im desperate to know what is wrong. I ordered the xbee to see if that will help me, it says its compatible with arduino and I have downloaded the milcandy firmware but when I plug the MilCandy in via usb my comp doesn’t even budge.

Oh, that code, there is no codes with Milcandy, appearently you click the yellow button to program it, look into seeedstudio and you will see what I mean, its been a while so maybe you know more by now I hope,lol. I need somebody that really knows MilCandy


Sorry for the late reply. Dose the temperature sensor and relay work fine independently work with Arduino board? If so, you try to could re-download the firmware and upload it to Milcandy. Hope it will help you solve your issue.