System On Sleep Mode in Xiao nRF52840 board


I am working on a device that’s supposed to wake up whenever it is moved. I am using MPU6050 to detect the movement. I want to keep the nRF52840 in system on sleep mode with RAM retention on. MPU6050 will be sending a low signal to an interrupt pin on the board to wake it up from the sleep. I cannot use the System Off deep sleep mode as the RAM gets cleared due to it.

So, I need help in putting the board in System On sleep and also in waking it up through the accelerometer.

Hello The_KB10,
Hmm “System ON, sleep mode with ram retention”
Yes the Nordic portion does that, however unless you use the V1.0 or V1.1. 0 board files the options are limited, You may need to write the data to the flash until later to send.
The sleep mode with ram retention I don’t think is available , then the issue of how to wake up, I use the Sense version so the IMU (see the code for double-tap etc.) is onboard but the same Int. pin limitation is what you may find too. Post up some code and we can look ?
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