Sunlight Sensor Si1151 doesn't work on Arduino uno Wifi Rev2 correctly

Hello, I am trying to use Grove Sunlight Sensor Si1151 on Arduino uno Wifi Rev2 with Grove base shield v2. But it does not work correctly. (When I connected the sensor to Seeduino v4.2 with Grove base sheld, It worked.)

First of all, I faced an errors such as “undefined reference to `Si115X::ReadHalfWord()’”.

By searching about Arduino, I noticed that difference of two microcomputers. (Seeduino v4.2: ATMega328P but Arduino uno Wifi Rev2: ATmega4809 )

So, I renamed (AVR_ATmega168) to (ATMega4809) on Si115X.cpp (row number:161 and 226).

Then, the errors disappeared. And I upload sketch to Arduino uno wifi rev2.

However, value of light is seemed to be wrong on serial monitor.

Like this ↓

→ IR: 4294967295


→ UV: 1.76

I use Si1151 libraries downloaded from Seed Studio

(GitHub - Seeed-Studio/Grove_Sunlight_Sensor at Si1151)

What do I need to do to use sunlight sensor v2 on Arduino Uno Wi-Fi Rev2 ??