Suitable USB RTC dongle for reRouter

The Seeed reRouter unit makes an almost perfect Docker appliance. One thing missing is a time of day clock. So when the machine powercycles it loses the date and time unless able to contact NTP server. Is there a suitable TOD clock as a USB device which could be plugged in? That way we could deploy to isolated networks and still keep track of time for our event logs (which include a record of when the network was lost and regained)
A suitable module does not look complicated to build - a small rechargeable battery, a USB interface chip and an i2c RTC clock and crystal should do it. I would guess such a thing could become a low profile USB dongle about the same size as those wifi adapters thrown in with modern desktop computers.
A did a casual search online but was surprised not to find such a thing, except complicated ‘security’ dongles to store encryption keys, where keeping time of day was a secondary goal.