STM32WLE5 Sigfox pushbutton app not sending data using seeeds Lora E5 module


We are tying to run sigfox pushbutton app on Seeeds lora e5 module what has a stm32wl mcu built in. I have configured the radio control switch gios according to the lora e5 module and also changed the tx power define to High power. have also changes the button and the led gpios.

Now the situation is when I press the button the led blinks 3 times as intended for sigfox app but no data received on the sigfox back end. One thing to mention is that, i have done the commissioning which includes copying chip certificate and get pac and dev ids files from st and programming them into stm32wl using cube programmer. these are done and the device is also registered on the sigfox backend. The sigfox covererage is there too in my area and i have tried taking the device to different areas, But still i cant get any packets received on sigfox backend. i have also used external antenna but still no luck.

what could it be?

I am suspecting something in the code.

Can anyone help me and let me know what else can be done?

Best regards,