Starter kit Servo/relay

Am I the only person who has noticed there is no Servo sketch in the Starter Kit sketches?
The exclusion of the sketch might be why the printed page that comes with the kit gives “Grove Relay” as the sketch to use when connecting the stepper motor to the potentiometer.
While I would not expect a sketch that takes a digital input and gives a digital output to work with an analogue input, I did not expect the sketch to fail the “verify” test that the arduino program offers. It gives a page of errors on the lines of

“Users/xxxxxxxxx/Documents/Arduino/Sketchbook_Starter_Kit_for_Arduino-master/Grove_Relay/Grove_Relay 2.ino:5:11: error: redefinition of ‘const int relayPin’
const int relayPin = 9; // the relay is attached to digital pin 9”

Any suggestions as to where a corrected version of the Relay sketch might be, and whether Seeed have got round to offering a sketch to demonstrate the servo/stepper motor in the years they have included it in the box? Or somebody else?



Sorted it.
A servo sketch appeared magically in the arduino directory.
Errors in the relay sketch are bizarre. There were duplicates of many of the sketches in their directories, suffixed “2”. Deleting the “whatever_sketch 2” file forced the verification to verify the sketches correctly.
This is why I have had this for ages and done nothing with it, and I have not got to calling Library files yet.