Stalker v2 + Ethernet shield?

I’m planning out an Arduino system whose sole responsibility will be to acquire data via I2C or serial, timestamp it, log it on an SD card (in a text file), serve that text file via Ethernet and delete it on cue from a remote client. The whole thing needs to be battery powered as well (and no, i can’t use PoE).

Hence - Seeeduino Stalker sounds like an ideal solution.

Is it compatible with the Ethernet shield and, if yes, how well?
Are there any conflicts between the SD card interface and the Wiznet chip i should be aware of?
Conflicting SPI buses, perhaps?

Thanks for any info!

Yes, it is compatible with Ethernet Shield.
But, you need power up it via Program Port.
As, Ethernet need 5v power on the power port.
You should consider the SPI ss pin, too.
And Stalker can easy swap the ss pin from digital pin 10 to digital pin 9.


Hi orcinus,

May I ask how you got on with your Stalker/Wiznet combo? Any pointers to help set something similar up would be great :slight_smile: Thanks.

Hi Albert,

Is it possible to use the Wiznet Shield, Xbee & SD card with the Stalker V2?