Stalker v2.2 specs ?

The specs, schematics and descriptions for the stalker v2.2 in the wiki are just copy-pasted from the v2.1 page. Where can I find the schematics for the v2.2?

Specifically, I have the following questions:

  • The v2.1 has two sets of i2c headers, one for 3.3V logic and one for 5V. The 2.2 has a single set of header, for which vcc is connected to Vin of the kb33 regulator next to the arduino reset pin, but you write that voltage is selectable. HOW?

  • What happend to CH_READ, OK_READ and BATT_READ? The jumpers don’t exist anymore. are the the traces still there? can I read the battery voltage on adc7 and charge and ok on pins 6 and 7? There seems to be something connected to ADC6, but I don’t understand how the status can be read :frowning:

  • Is there a specific reason why D7 and D8 are broken out separately between the ftdi and i2c headers?

Please answer quickly, I’m kinda stuck.



Sorry for problem taking, we will finish Stalker v2.2 document soon.
And GPRS Shield use pin7 and pin8(software Serial), so we change the Battery charge status read method.
Please find the attached Charge Status read demo code to read the charge status.

Albert (522 Bytes)

Thanks for the quick reply! I still have a question however.

You write that the i2c voltage is selectable between 5v and 3.3v. How is that done? As far as I saw, the vcc of the i2c header is connected to the input of one of the 3.3v regulators and i2c is therefore just at v_batt.