Stalker not in sync


Just unwrapped my stalker, connected it through the Arduino Mini USB converter, and connected the USB cable.

The Stalker lights up (power) but whenever i try uploading a sketch (ie the helloWorld) i get the following error:

protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

I’ve connected the VCC, GND, TX and RX pin but not the DTR. Ive made shure that the USB TX is connected to the stalker RX and vica versa.

My Stalker has the 168 chip, which i should have selected in the board selection menu.

Hello - I don’t know whether this of any help, but I have a USB to serial cable that I use to talk to the stalker. I too got all sorts of errors when trying to upload sketches.

After MUCH searching and wild goose chases, I found that the following technique worked EVERY time:

After pressing the ‘upload’ button, and wait until the message “Binary sketch …” appears. At that instant, press the reset button on the stalker and release. If you hesitate, it will not work, and you have to wait for all the error messages to appear before trying again. After a bit of practice, you can do it every time.

It’s a pain, but I got used to it. I too thought I had a faulty board, but I suspect that it might be an incompatibility with the USB converter.

I hope this helps.



Yes connect as:
USB2Uart <–>Stalker
+3.3V <–> VCC
TX <–> RX
RX <–> TX

DTR needs connect for auto reset while upload the sketch.


Okay… I’ll try it.

But where is the DTR located on the Arduino Mini USB ?


According to this page:
Right next to the 2 gnd on the upper row (seen on your pic) :slight_smile:

Hope it helps, i’m just using the manual reset. But it’s annoying when it spams serial data so the upload fails :-/ (Then i just upload a blink skech, and try again :wink: )

Thanks it works. both pressing Reset and connecting the DTR wire.