SPIs available on the LoRa-E5 Wireless Module

I want to use the LoRa-E5 module but I need to connect 2 peripherals and both need their SPI interface. Reading the datasheet, on page 5, the schematich diagram do not show the SPI interfaces that are potentially available for the user, only the SPI between uC and SX126x radio.
But on page 6, the pins 24-27 show a SPI2 interface. Is this interface available for the user or is this the uC-radio connection?

My question, are SPI1 and SPI2 interfaces available for the user?

If I configure PB4 as SPI1_MISO, PB3 as SPI1_SCK and PB5 as SPI1_MOSI I get also the SPI1 interface. Does something prevent me for doing this?