Spartan Edge Accelerator: What Happened to Vivado Example Project Files?

Is there a repository that contains the Vivado example project files for the SEA? Recently the old github went 404 ( ( but the replacement github ( Pillar1989 (Baozhu Zuo) / Repositories · GitHub) only contains two Arduino based projects. FYI I have an old post on this forum requesting the Vivado files hosted at a link but that was never fully resolved:

Spartan Edge Accelerator Sources - Cannot Download Pan.Baidu Links! - Products & Technology / Shields - Seeed Forum (

I have a copy of advanced SEA examples (2D shape recognition, color recognition & object tracking…etc) however that copy is missing the full Vivado projects (only contain bitstream). The only real complete project I have is the “MIPI-In-HDMI-Out” demo.

Put simply: What happened to ALL of the SEA example files and projects. Presently, it appears there are a lot of missing or dead links, and/or missing example projects.

The repository has been moved to:

Yes the documentation for the board is very minimalistic, and this makes it very very hard to work with at first steps, I have the same problem… what is more my own from scratch projects in Vivado build fine but does not work on the board.

Clearly the SEA Board needs better documentation, tutorials, and examples to be attractive :slight_smile: