Spartan Edge Accelerator Sources - Cannot Download Pan.Baidu Links!

Referencing the GitHub here:

I am attempting to download the sources for “<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ct-Traking”></LINK_TEXT>” but I am encountering difficulty as I am not/do not wish to be a user of “Baidu”. Is there an alternate means of downloading the source above?

The Baidu link in question is here:

Additionally I am also interested in the source for another demo program:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ecognition”></LINK_TEXT>

Really want to dig into the details of these programs as they are exactly what I am looking for…but it would be nice to obtain them via GitHub versus Baidu. Thanks for any help!


Can download the repo by clicking here

It doesn’t contain the sources for these projects (2d shape recognition, color/object tracking, etc).

There’s only a compiled bitfile, and few png with testing pictures.

The tells you to go to baidu for latest sources.