Spartan Edge Accelerator SEA Board FPGA Vivado problems

Hello world :slight_smile:

I have problems running my first from-scratch Vivado project for FPGA on SEA Board (Spartan Edge Accelerator). In theory all builds fine and uploads into the FPGA but does not work as expected. This is simple button input led output.

Demo projects work fine so I am sure the board is operational.

Problem is described in detail on Xilinx Support Forums:

It would be nice to have some sort of template and step by step tutorial on how to build FPGA projects on SEA Boards. The one provided by Xilinx does not seem to work or some additional configuration is required :slight_smile:

Any hints welcome :slight_smile:

Mystery solved: I was selecting wrong part, you need to focus and select exactly the xc7s15ftgb196-1. Sorry for confusion :wink: