South bridge problem

I have a Odyssey X86J4125 64GB eMMC. I would like to make it a 5G gateway with cellular module sim8200EA-m2. The cellular module does work in archlinux live cd environment and have access to Internet. However, when the cellular is pluged in, i can not see my 2 ethernal ports and also my m.2 nvme device which are related to south bridge. It seems 5G module will deactivate other pcie device connected to south bridge.
This problem is os independent(same in windows). I found some similar topic in the forum:
4G module EM06 problem with onboard LAN - Products & Technology / ODYSSEY Serials - Seeed Forum (

@qbisicwte As we tested, SIMCOM 8200 serial has a compatibility issues that cause NVME and LAN device can’t be found. We suggest you use Fibccom 5G module.