Somebody using Respeaker Core 2.0 and Rhasspy?

is somebody using the respeaker core 2.0 with Rhasspy ?
I’m running Debian-image (Respeaker one) and installed Rhasspy in a Docker container.
This one will be a satelite.
I would like to know how to get the best use of these 6 mics !
Do I need some additional installtion.

As example/info : The Rhasspy-Web-Frontend is not coming up with different devices for aplay or arecord … only default.

So fare I get in & output with arecord and aplay on the command line … if Docker (Rhasspy) is stopped.
Connection to Rhasspy- Base is working weith MQTT but in the moment (yet) not used.
1st I would like to have the best setup for this satelite.
Someone who can give me some tips ?