Solar Stalker V2 and GSM shield

I am interested in the above, but read comments that the solar panel and Li On battery dose not work with this combination. Is this true and if so why.

Thanx, Graham

The GPRS shield needs 2A peak current. IDLE mode needs about 22mA; TALK mode is about 250mA; DATA mode highest current is about 450mA. As long as your power supply satisfies the above current requirement, it will work.

Jimbo … thanx … Graham

Hi, I am considering a similar usage, and I have 3 questions :

  • When using SMS, would you consider it Data usage with max. 450mA current which would be Ok ? Or is it only the GPRS/TCP mode ?
  • Other way to look at it : would you know when 2A are drawn so that I avoid this use case ?
  • The step-up converter of the Solar Shlield is LM3224 and the specs I find show a max current slightly over 2A, so where does the limitation come from ? Would a small heatsink help ?

Thanks for your help ! Arduino+GPRS+Solar Charger staked look just great !!!