Solar Shield V2 + LiPo Rider Pro +2200mAH Battery

Hello All,

I am new the Arduino and Seeed. I was interested in making a portable USB charger for my phone and other such devices.
I know there are cheaper and many others ways to do so. But im curious to these shields. I am hoping to learn and expand into other such things. I an new to this so please bare with me.

I plug everything together, Solar Shield V2 + LiPo Rider Pro + 2200mAH Battery, flip the switch and the phone chargers.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. When i plug in the Solar panel alone with the phone, flip the switch, the phone batteries just flashes, no charge. So i figure this alone wont work. unless someone could point something out to me that i am missing.

  2. When everything is plugged into together, does the solar charge the battery while, while the battery charges the phone?
    I when i plug the battery in alone with the phone and flip the switch, the phone charges.

  3. What would i add to show a digital output of how much juice is in the battery, so i dont overcharge?

Thanks for your help.