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We all have many toys when we were young, but do you have open source hardware products? Nowadays, it’s time to show it! Show your earliest open source hardware products to us, let’s see how oldest products you have!


  1. Post pictures AS YOU WISH.
  2. During Dec 1 to Dec 14, displaying time.
  3. During Dec 15 to Dec 19, vote for those participators whose products are most favourite by us.

    Rewards: Seeeduino V4 and Base Shield V2.02 (All rewards will be sent after the mission is finished)

    Seeeduino V4 is not on sale now, you will be the first one to get it.

    Base Shield v2.02 [Collector’s Edition], we add a voltage judgement circuit on this version of Base shield, and the voltage of Vcc will be depended on the volts of IOREF. So if you plug it onto the Arduino, the Vcc would be 5v; and if you plug it onto Arch board(Mbed platform), the Vcc would be 3.3v. Except that, different volts of Vcc will be corresponding to different led directors. And this version of Base shield is not for sale!

    Just Show It.

I like this thread!

The first open source kit I built was Ladyada’s MintyBoost v2 (in a Donald Duck mint can as I didn’t have Altoids).

Here are two pictures:

I then built the awesome O2 Headphone Amplifier by NwAvGuy:

That was fun!

And I recently designed and printed my first board based on Dangerous Prototypes’ ATX breakout board you guys are very familiar with :slight_smile:

You can check it out on my blog: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … tx-psus-2/”></LINK_TEXT> Eagle files are available and here is a picture:

I’m now tinkering with the LinkIt ONE and I like it a lot! Nice job :slight_smile:

Like this thread !!!

I show you my double line wattmeter (it’s for a little solar panel instalation so I can register both production and comsuption.

It has a Nokia 5110 LCD (with button for auto backlight for 10 seconds), SD register, and one of the measurement circuits has several shunt resistors in order to preconfigure your precision and ammeter/wattmeter scale.

It has to be developed into a good enclosure, but it works perfectly.

I also have a little Attiny85 and RF24 node to check temperature and Vcc with internal components. It is a node for a friend’s home system. It is based in GPRS_Shield_V2.0 and it will control heater, rooms temperatures, garden watering and so on.


Hey guys, I’m new here. But I’m not new in open hardware. I want to show my oldest seeeduino board.

It’s a version designed at 2008. I think it’s pretty old.

Here it comes :smiley:

And along with a looking-old Arduino Due board.

Wow, Nice theme.

Looking forward to seeing more participator join this sharing. :oops: :oops: :oops: