Several EC Electrode and module questions

this is my first post, so I am sorry if I chose wrong category.
Anyway, I few questions about EC measuring module for arduino. Just so you know why I ask those questions, I am building an aquarium and hydroponic systems, both with automatic water quality regulation (pH+, pH-, lowering EC using water as clear as possible, rising EC using fertilizers in hydroponics). I want to use this sensor, as I don’t have huge budget to get industrial grade tools meant for 24/7 monitoring…
as for the questions:

  1. I have looked around the internet, and other brands do not recommend submerging similar electrodes in water 24/7. They recommend using industrial grade probes for such application. I guess I have to take electrode shipped with this module out of the water between measurements, right?
  2. What is the longevity of this electrode? If I measure 2 times or once a day and then take the electrode out of water using, let’s say, a stepper motor?
  3. Is there a way to get a spare electrode?
  4. Does anyone know where can I get an industrial grade electrode working with this module?
  5. Is it worth it disconnecting the module from GND or +5V inbetween the measurements to prolong it’s longevity?

Thank you,