SerialLCD v1.0b

When I try to install the file from wiki I get error
The compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted.
Please help!!

What link did you download to update latest version for zip.

I use windows xp zip.
I downloaded WinZip 16.0 and that gives similar error message, invalid file
I choose link from wiki, site is

I get the same error message with for the bluetooth shield.
I appreciate your help to get these library files.

I try the is find. And also find, there is no invalid or corrupted.

So i suggest you try to change another PC to test again.

Hi, thanks,I tried on three PC with the same result.
Can you provide the code and I can load it in myself?

I really need some help or information to use your display.

I need either more detail to write a library myself, including documentation for the intialization, working mode, commands and registers, or I need access to the library.
I am very flexible, I can work with a detailed document to interface with the display or code-text. Please let me know if you can provide so that I can use your part.