SenseCraft AI web toolkit not working


I purchased a Grove Vision AI V2 and I have been using SenseCraft AI web toolkit (SenseCraft AI) to upload Seeed and custom models to the board.

It always worked as expected, except for this morning. I am not able to flash any model into the board, it starts to flash the model, and then it suddenly stops. This never happened before, could you please double check with one of your boards if the service is still working?

Also I tried different PCs with different OS, 2 different Grove AI V2 boards and many different cables.

Pressing two times the boot button to manually flash the board unfortunately is not an option for me. None of the two boards I purchased has always been able to work that way, already tried different PCs and OS.

SenseCraft AI was the only way I could flash my boards, which are now completely useless.

Hope to hear some good news soon.

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Hi there,
Seems fine on this end,

Check your end, again.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Thank you very much for your help, I appreciate it.

Unfortunately, my problem isn’t with XIAO.
My issue is when I am connecting the Grove Vision AI V2 board directly to SenseCraft AI.
The board is connected, but when I try to flash a model (for example the Person Detection one), the flashing is not working.
And until yesterday everything was working perfectly.

Could you please try to replicate this scenario?

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tools apears to work, now?

connects aok

GL :slight_smile: PJ

Unfortunately, nothing is working.
As I explained before, the problem has never been connecting to the board, but the flashing of the model. I will now try to be as detailed as possible.

  1. Connecting the Grove Vision AI V2 works perfectly; there is no issue with that.

  2. Let’s try to flash the “Person Detection” model (on the right of the first row) by selecting the model and clicking “Send”:

  3. Downloading firmware, as always happened when I was doing this procedure:

  4. Downloading model:

  5. Flashing model:

  6. The flashing lasts for less than a second and then abruptly stops. The device is disconnected as a consequence, and I am not able to do anything with the board.

I did this process many times (with different models, cables, PCs, and OS) and with two different boards, and it never changed.

Another interesting thing that changed from when the system used to work is that now I am not either able to erase my boards:

I hope this time I was detailed enough in describing the issue.
If you, or somebody else, could try to replicate this exact procedure and let me know, it would be very helpful.
Thank you very much for the time spent in trying to solve this issue.
I doubt that both of my boards suddenly broke, so I am assuming the problem is related to SenseCraft AI.

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We deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. We are currently making every effort to resolve this issue. If we have a solution, we will inform you here as soon as possible. We apologize again for any negligence on our part.

Hello @Seeed_Seraphina,

Thank you for getting back to this post.

I appreciate your team’s efforts in working on and attempting to resolve the issue. I am eagerly awaiting updates.

If possible, could you explain to me why none of my Grove Vision AI V2 boards have ever been able to activate boot mode by clicking the boot button? I have tried every method explained on this page: Grove Vision AI Module V2 | Seeed Studio Wiki.

If I could flash the board myself, I wouldn’t need SenseCraft AI to do it. Unfortunately, this has never worked, and it seems I am not the only user who has noticed this.

Thank you for your kindness and for your help.

Best regards,

It should be due to bootloader corruption caused by flashing a corrupt firmware. So you can’t press and hold boot and enter bootloader mode

I wonder if your camera cable is connected incorrectly? Because during my testing I also encountered a situation where I couldn’t upload the firmware when the camera cable was connected backwards. This is just a guess.

Has anyone on the forum been able to successfully reload the firmware on their Grove Vision AI V2 since the corrupt firmware fix was released on April 9th? I have not been successful. What I get is:

Probing Grove Vision AI (WE2) on I2C bus…
Detected target device

Press ‘enter’ to start recover the bootloader (or ‘q’ to restart)
Recovering WE2 bootloader…
Progress: [ ] - 0.00%

It does not progress past 0.00%

Occasionally I get something like this but I can tell it hasn’t really been successful:

CONFLICT ADDR: 0x00000000
Progress: [ ] - 0.11%
Done, the bootloader has been recovered successfully!


I was able to fix it, I don’t know how, but it worked surprisingly. My progress went all the way up to 100% and then I was able to flash SenseCraft AI models to the board again.
I am honestly too scared to repeat the process, now that is working I don’t really want to do anything that can cause problems again.
Are you flashing the sketch with Arduino to the XIAO ESP32S3 connected to the Grove Vision AI V2?

Thank you very much for your help.

Unfortunately, I am pretty sure the camera is connected correctly, since I am able to make it work perfectly with SenseCraft AI (after the bootloader fix).
It is plugged exactly like the first picture of your website: Grove Vision AI Module V2 | Seeed Studio Wiki.

Also, I have never been able to manually flash the board myself, even before the bootloader was corrupted. And it looks like many other people are facing the same issue: Unable to enter storage/bootloader mode on Vision AI Module v2.

I am glad that now the board is working with SenseCraft AI, but I would be even more glad if it could work normally as advertised in Seeed website.
Thank you very much for your help and understanding.

Best regards

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Thanks for replying, Max.
I first tried running the flashing sketch with a XIAO ESP32C3 (I didn’t originally buy the S3 version, but I do have one now) connected to the Grove Vision AI. I figured that should work. The XIAO ESP32C3 compiled, loaded and ran the sketch just fine, but when that didn’t work I decided to try it with the ESP32C3 running the sketch, but only connected to the Grove Vision AI with 4 jumper wires to it’s I2c interface. That didn’t work either. I noticed the part in the instructions that it could take 3-10 tries for it to work, so I tried powering down and up and also hitting the boot button and also the restart button on the Grove multiple times. That’s when I was occasionally able to get the Progress: [ ] - 0.11% message intermittently.

At this point it may be bricked.

Hello @Seeed_Seraphina,
Do you perhaps have any update on this?
Why can’t I manually flash both of my Grove Vision AI V2 units (as advertised on your website)?
Thank you.

Best regards

Have you read this article? Which step encountered a problem?
This is the article we have now updated the latest Bootloader and have provided a detailed tutorial for flashing the firmware.

I don’t know if you’re aware that the link you sent is not working.
And I know why, the bootloader recovery sketch (we2_iic_bootloader_recover) is apparently removed. I cannot find it even in the previous commits, but maybe the position it’s just changed.

Anyways, this is not what was I talking about. I will copy-paste my old comment so maybe it is more clear what I meant.

“Also, I have never been able to manually flash the board myself, even before the bootloader was corrupted. And it looks like many other people are facing the same issue: Unable to enter storage/bootloader mode on Vision AI Module v2.”

What I am talking about is that, when you press two times the boot button, nothing happens. I tried all the buttons combination that your website describes. I fixed the bootloader, so now it is working with SenseCraft AI, but my concern is about the manual flashing of the board.

Waiting for updates. Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards

Sorry, my mistake. We’ve updated it within the Wiki for now. You can check the following article:

In the previous posts I get the message that you were unable to manually enter bootloader mode until after flashing the corrupted firmware. So the bootloader firmware for the Grove vision ai v2 will not have a problem if you are flashing an undamaged model on the SenseCraft Ai. You can still expect to enter bootloader mode using the method mentioned in the Wiki

Thank you for your answer.
Just to be helpful for future people which may want to restore the bootloader, I want to pose your attention on the fact that the sketch “we2_iic_bootloader_recover” is not currently available on the examples of the Seed Studio SSCMA library. You can check this yourself: Seeed_Arduino_SSCMA/examples at main · Seeed-Studio/Seeed_Arduino_SSCMA · GitHub.

It’s quite embarrassing :dizzy_face:. I’ll make sure to promptly gather all the information and keep everyone updated as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your patience!

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Help I have the same issue!!! even with the bootloader successfully recovered, the issue persisted. I need it for urgent project so plz help asap :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear that. It’s possible that the problem was caused by going to an old site. Here is a link to the latest Sensecraft page that you can use to upload the model again: