SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway

Hi everybody, any news of SenseCAP M1 would be updated on Helium discord channel #sensecap m please be patient and you are also welcome to follow @Sensecapmx on twitter for official updates.

We understand you are eager to know more details.And we would love to share them with you when we have more solid info. Thank you very much for your patience and support.

While we love to communicate with you all in this channel, it’s a bit difficult for us to dig all the questions from piles of messages. Hence, we are creating this Google Doc for you to put in your questions. And our team will check the docs to update the info periodically. Please kindly make sure you read the “Posting Etiquettes” and the existing Q&As first.

Thank you!


Good news, upcoming soon ?
Can We preordered ?


You say the expected release date is June 2021. So you are almost ready to take orders and deliver immediately? How much will it cost?


Congratulations to you on the approval of your SenseCAP gateway by Helium! :rocket: :confetti_ball:

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Excellent! Are details about the preordering process known?

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Just 2 questions.

  1. Do you have a status page I can monitor for when these go up for sale?
  2. Will you have inventory, ready to ship, as soon as you start taking orders?

Yup im also intrested how this will work ?


I am also very interested in the SenseCAP M1 gateway.

Hope you had a wonderful Dragon Boat festival.

We at MIIATech would love to be the first to test this product for future sale and user feedback. We already work with Nebra and looking for more partnerships.
Anyway, welcome to Helium! The best community in the world.

Kind regards Zalle Woxvall
Ceo/Founder of MIIAtech

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Do you have a time frame for when they will be available for order? I would love to get one.

You can follow most of the info here @Sarah_Pryce.

Is there a waitlist?

Any idea when the waitlist is going to be released?

Great to see some other suppliers coming onboard.

Is there a sign up option for us early requesters? so we can get in that waiting line nice and early?



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Hi. Thank you for your work

I wanna buy one as soon as possible

When will be available to order?

So Stoked! Get me on that waiting list!

This is from the Helium Discord for SenseCap:

Questions about how to purchase:

  1. Where is the product page?
  • SenseCAP M1 will be sold through Seeed partners. Our partners are working on the page, estimated launch date is the end of June or early July, stay tuned in Discord.
  1. Is there a waitlist or pre-order?
  • For the first batch, there won’t be pre-order or wait list, our partners will be selling from stock, they will start to accept orders when they have products on hand and ship the products right away, this should happen before mid of July.
    Starting from second batch, there will be preorders with limited quantities with promised ship date, depending on the situation (raw materials and manufacturing capacity etc.) We do not want to overpromise, we will keep you updated when we have more solid info. Please kindly stay tuned.
  1. When it is available and when is the shipping time?
  • For the first batch, both versions will be shipped before mid of July. Then we will update the lead time for the following batches.
  1. What is the price?
    It’s not finalized yet. Stay tuned.

  2. Does SenseCAP M1 ship directly from China?
    You will receive the products from our partners, so the products may come from US, China or other regions.

  3. Where can I get the official updates?
    You can get official updates on this #sensecap discord channel or follow @Sensecapmx ( on twitter for official updates.

Questions about Products:

  1. SenseCAP M1 is a full hotspot or light hotspot?
  • The product we are going to launch is called SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway. It is a full hotspot which supports POC. It is for indoor applications.
  1. Will there be hotspot for outdoor use?
  • SenseCAP M1 is for indoor use. But we will take this request into consideration, thinking about some accessories for outdoor deployment.
  1. Will SenseCAP M1 have both US and EU version?
  • Yes, SenseCAP M1 has both US915 (for US) and EU868 (EU version). FCC is finished. As for CE, we have passed all the tests, but still in the process of completing the paperwork, should get the final CE certification in 2 weeks.
  1. Will there be light hotspot as well?
  • Yes, it’s on the agenda. We will keep you updated here.
  1. Will there be AS923-3 or other frequencies?
  • US915 and EU868 are available. Other frequencies are not supported yet.
  1. Is the current existing SenseCAP LoRaWAN Gateway a Helium hotspots?
  • When you google SenseCAP, you will find there are other gateways also under the name of SenseCAP. Please be aware that not all the SenseCAP branded gateways are Helium hotspot, SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway is the only one that supports Helium Network for now.

how, when, where to preorder in the US

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Hey guys,

really looking foward to purchasing 1 of your hotspots.
As your European distribution is through DISTRELEC, who don’t ship to Germany unfortunately, will you be hacing alternative distributors for Europe, especially Germany?

Kind regards,

EDIT: Nevermind, found their Germany specific website ^^

I am from India and i strongly need 4 devices on the first order, so which frequency i should choose?