SenseCap Light Intensity Sensor and Helium Network Decoder

I’m working with the SenseCap Light Intensity Sensor on the Helium network. I have managed to onboard the device after obtaining the various device keys. I’m seeing two problems once I’ve onboarded the device:
(1) The device typically submits reports every 30-60s for the first few minutes, then simply stops submitting messages. What’s the default reporting time? Is anyone using these devices on the Helium network?

(2) Those messages I do receive, I’m unable to decode using variations of the encoders at the following links. Is there an updated decoder?

Helium-Console-Decoder/decoder_datacake.js at main · Seeed-Solution/Helium-Console-Decoder · GitHub. Many of the payloads that return aren’t even usable in debug mode on the helium network (they don’t submit through to the Decoder function, giving the message “Payload input could not be validly parsed”)