SenseCAP Gateway OS Access

Are there any technical details and or document for the SenseCAP Gateway, We would like to know if it is possible to get root access to the OS and if it’s possible to install custom software.

Also to know the use of the micro-usb, full size usb and if we have access to the microSD (thinking store and forward)


So I got a reply from support,

I 'm sorry that root permissions are not currently available to users.

So to push on I decided to connect the micro-usb to the pc and see what we could see and it turns out to be a console port reporting as a beaglebone green tried the old admin:admin (didn’t work).

After a bit of googling around for beagles and a few Queens dogs later I found and they have Images you can load on a sd and get the board to boot off (hold the boot button while you power up and let go once all led's are lit up) then you see a new drive in windows, a new ethernet interface and a new serial interface and I could ssh to (I have to set a static address of on the ethernet interface) and get a log in where I can do things.

There are a few things I’m still trying to work out like getting the ethernet to work and the right pin number for the LoRa interface, so if the dev are in a good mood give us a hint on getting these things work with a standard image, Thanks

Were you able to get farther on this? Interested to see what you have been able to accomplish.