Sending data to RS485 device

I am trying to send data to RS485 device with xiao.
But the receiving device need to receive the break command.
Please tell me how to send a break command.

see if this helps

You’ll often see “CTRL” + “BREAK” referenced in documentation, this refers to the keyboard shortcut used in Terminal programs like PuTTY to send a break signal. The RS-232 specification defines a break signal as when the data line remains in the space condition for a specified duration, usually at least 100ms. This state is distinguishable from normal data being sent over the line, and can trigger a specific action on the receiving end of the connection. A break can be used to enter SysRq mode on some Linux machines, and ROM Monitor mode on Cisco devices when a password recovery is necessary.

Sending a Break

To send a break, go to TerminalSend Break, or press + b. This will hold the line in the break state for 250ms.

To send a long break, go to TerminalSend Long Break, or press + shift + b. This will hold the line in the break state for 3500ms and hold DTR low for the duration of the break.

NOTE: Some devices and/or drivers do not properly support breaks. In these cases Serial will emulate a break by momentarily dropping down to the lowest supported baud rate and sending a NUL character. <------ is what you want IMO.
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