SEN71254P to sell? or alternative module?

Hi Guys,
So after much searching, I finally arrived at the SEN71254P as the PERFECT solution to my project. Unfortunately for me, I’ve since discovered that it’s discontinued, and I can’t find any of the units on ebay, amazon, or elsewhere.
It’s perfect because:

  1. it’s cheap
  2. it’s small.
  3. it can play multiple short sound clips.
  4. it can be controlled by arduino.
  5. (and this may be the best feature) it is VERY well documented with step by step instructions

So… I really need to activate about 4 5 second clips via arduino, and I’m a novice at arduino programming for sure. This is really my 1st project. Can anyone sell me an old stock module or suggest a very similar alternative that I can get quickly? (not china)
thanks for any help!!!