Selecting Characteristic Sending Data

I am trying to receive shorts from multiple Characteristics. The block in the lower right corner seems like it should work but as I’m very new to App Inventor, I’m certain I’m incorrect. When a short is received, I want to check which Characteristic has received the new data and then use it appropriately. When I replace the if(getCharacteristicUUID == get GlobalCHARACTERISTIC_UUID_Altitude) with a logic TRUE, the data is received and the text label is updated. But if I keep the comparison, the text label is not updated.

Hmmm, nice app not sure if this is helpful or not? but you may want to check the case of the compare, and this thread was helpful.HELPFUL I’m using app inventor for my BLE Lock with Movement and Drop detection, with Nrf52840 Sense chip. just flags and alarms (notify) set sensitivity and enable disable kinda Tech. :grinning:
case bit me more than once, I like the shorts though. Cool

GL :-p

Yes, the case was the problem. I set my globals to all upper case and the shorts received function returns the UUID as all lower case. So I’ve just changed all my globals to be all lower case for future use because I know I’ll likely forget this lesson and sit there pulling my hair out again.

Solution: make sure you are comparing the correct cases.

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