Seeeduino xiao usb serial to android application

I have uploaded code for serial communication for seeeduino xiao through the Arduino IDE. I tested it with arduino serial monitor and linux serial terminal, and it is working well with them. But when I connect it to android phone usb port to interface with an app, it gives error saying no driver. I tried with multiple apps, but same code i burned to arduino uno, and it is working fine. So i think I’m missing something. Kindly help me out. I think it has something to do with seeeduino xiao being relatively new board in the market.

Hello, I would be happy to help you. Can you tell me what Android App you are using? What are the exact steps and procedure you followed to find the error? If you can provide more details, this would help us to reproduce and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Thank you, the issue was resolved. It was android app issue, where I had to add custom prober to recognize the seeeduino xiao, I was able to do by adding correct product and vendor ids. Since it is not seeeduino issue, the question is not relevant to this forum. Thank you so much.