Seeeduino XIAO Out of Flash Memory

Does Seeeduino Tech Support read and respond to these posts? What is the best way to get a response from them?

Hello, you can use this code to detect the amount of RAM left available

int checkSize = 1024;
void checkFreeMem()
for(int i = checkSize;i>0;i–)
char* c = (char*)malloc(i);
Serial.print(“Mem left:”);

If the problem is lack of RAM, you can try to streamline your program, such as:

Are you using the same IDE for both?

Just a clarifying point here, Flash is not RAM. Flash is a non-volatile storage medium used for long term storage. RAM is a very fast, but volatile medium used to temporarily store data before the CPU accesses it. Flash and SRAM are orders of magnitude different in bandwidth and latency, with SRAM being much faster. There is almost always less RAM than Flash for embedded applications.

The Xiao has 256KB Flash and 32KB SRAM. The Nano has several flavors, some with fewer resources and some with more. Based on your error, it sounds like you have a higher end Nano and the code is too big for the Xiao. Check how big your code is and how big your Nano SKU is.