Seeeduino Xiao No device found on (usb port)

Hello, I am having a problem i bought a seeeduino xiao and when i want to upload my code the Arduino IDE tells me that it couldnt find a usb device at the port i selected in the drop down.
Also when i change the usb port the usb port it tells me doesnt change.
I appreciate your help.

Do you see the port its on? I ask to make sure you even know that you can see the port. Right click on the windows button (Assuming windows), go to device manager and have a look at the Ports (COM & LPT section). Unplug, see that one of the com devices disappears. Plug it back in and see that it reappears.

Once that check is done, I have sometimes noticed annoying behaviour where uploads stop until I restart, though that is with platformIO and the vscode terminal. Here I can sometimes get it to work by right clicking in device manager on the com port, clicking properties, going to port settings, then advanced and changing the port number.

From recollection there is some memory to what port it gets assigned to so I wouldnt expect it to switch without intervention.

Sorry for my late answer, but i see the xiao in the arduino ide dropdown and the device manager signed as Seeeduino Xiao (com10) and it never changes. Im going to try to change the Port number.
Thank you for your answer!

It doesnt seem to work.

Did you solve this? I have the same issue with PlatformIO on VS Code.