Seeeduino XIAO ESP32-S3

I have Seeeduino XIAO ESP32-S3 with known good cable, it will not talk to the win-11 computer. It comes up as COM6, but after compiling it fails to find the com port. I think it just needs to be reset. The problem is I can’t find the reset.
Anyone know?

There are times when we use the wrong program to make XIAO appear to lose ports or not work properly. The specific performance is:

  • Connected to computer, but no port number found for XIAO.
  • The computer is connected and the port number appears, but the upload program fails.

When you encounter the above two situations, you can try to put XIAO into BootLoader mode, which can solve most of the problems of unrecognized devices and failed uploads. The specific method is:

  • Step 1. Press and hold the BOOT button on the XIAO ESP32S3 without releasing it.
  • Step 2. Keep the BOOT button pressed and then connect to the computer via the data cable. Release the BOOT button after connecting to the computer.
  • Step 3. Upload the Blink program to check the operation of the XIAO ESP32S3.

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