Seeeduino Xiao and usb_mode equivalent

I have loaded my Seeeduino Xiao up with CircuitPython 6.2.0 and prototyped a simple HID device, which was the goal of my project.
The issue I have now is that the automatically mounted drive (CIRCUITPY) on my PC, which was such a convenience while developing is now something I don’t want to be available.
I have seen an example of changing the usb_mode on the Pyboard using the pyb lib (which I think is exactly what I want), but this obviously isn’t available on the Xiao.
Is there any way to achieve this during the execution of or another way to stop the drive mounting but still run my firmware?

Answered my own question after posting on the adafruit forum… Looks like the circuitpython team are on the case. It’s a long term goal so no idea when it’ll come to fruition, but it’s there as an active issue in github:

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