Seeeduino v328 stock

Recently I’ve been in the market for my first Arduino, and the Seeeduino v328 looks better and smaller than the Duemilanove, so I decided to buy that. However (maybe it’s due to a shortage of SMT ATmega328s, I don’t know), I can’t find them in stock anywhere. Does anyone know when the Seeeduino will be in stock at Seeed Depot again? Thanks.

Also, is this power supply any good for a Seeeduino? From what I’ve read, and the product page of the Seeeduino itself, it shouldn’t be powered with less than 7V.

Hi Trebawa,

The Seeeduino V328 is under producing, and it will be back in stock soon.

The 6.5v supply is for the rainbowduino, but not suitable for seeeduino.



Awesome! I can hold on until then, I think. Thanks for the help.