Seeeduino Stalker V3 - SD card problems

I recently bought this board and tried to get the example StalkerV30_DataLogger_10Sec.ino running.
Two problems emerged:

  • (1) “SD card not initialized”, I got this error 90% of the time with the 4GB SD card that was supplied with the kit.
  • (2) Strange characters in the serial output

Kind of solutions for these:
(1) I replaced the SD card with a different one I had and the error disappeared.
Question remains how this can happen, especially with a SD card that is included in the kit.

(2) I recognized strange characters for earlier sketches so I lowered the serial speed to 9600 to be on the save side. The problem remained. Than I increased the interrupt interval and delays in the sleep routine: first from 10 to 15 (results were a bit better), than from 15 to 20. Only some strange readings in the beginning and than the best stable results. Only 1 out of 10 lines I see 4 to 6 characters that are strange.

How can I fix this to 100% good?
What causes this problem?

Any help to understand this would be appreciated.


Modify the baud rate to 57600

Thanks and Regards

Hello Kavi,

Thanks for the advice, it works. :smiley:
When I changed the value again the results looked even worse…but then I saw that the serial speed wasn’t set properly in the Arduino IDE terminal window. I changed that one to the same baud rate and now everythings looks good with the original example.

Best regards,