Seeeduino:rp2040@2.7.2 fails integrity test when installing into Arduino IDE

When trying to install v2.7.2 of the Seeed Xiao RP2040 board in Arduino IDE 2.0.0-rc5 I get the error below.


Tool Seeeduino:rp2040tools@1.0.2 already installed
Downloading packages
Upgrading platform Seeeduino:rp2040@1.12.0 with Seeeduino:rp2040@2.7.2
Failed to install platform: Seeeduino:rp2040.
Error: 13 INTERNAL: Cannot install platform: installing platform Seeeduino:rp2040@2.7.2: testing local archive integrity: testing archive size: fetched archive size differs from size specified in index

Is this a known issue? Any advice on how to proceed? Thanks.

Should anyone come across this in the future, I was trying to use the wrong board.

After updating the URL to point to SAMD21 boards mentioned here I was able to choose Seeed SAMD Boards version 1.8.2 and install successfully and program the XIAO.

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THANK you, I was so lost.