Seeeduino Nano Windows 11 Driver

Trying arduino for the first time and have a seeeduino nano and grove led strip (10) as a test project.

However, when I plug this in to Windows 11, it shows in device manager under ‘Other Devices’ correctly identified as ‘Seeeduino Nano’, but is disabled as there is no driver.

I have tried all the usual things such as windows update, installed the Arduino IDE with board manager update etc and it’s still not finding a driver. I’ve also downloaded the driver mentioned in this post - Seeeduino V4.2 not recognised in windows 10 - however Windows doesn’t recognise it as being valid for the device.

I’m able to successfully connect and upload a sketch using my Mac, so I know the board works - but I need to be able to use it on Windows.

This problem is unknown, I have encountered similar problems several times, but it can be uploaded after downloading the Seeeduino driver. Can you try it on someone else’s windows computer?