Seeeduino Mega - Uploading Doesn't Work. Bootloader?

I’ve got a new Seeeduino Mega board (v1.1 - 06/24/2009).
When I try to upload, the serial port lights flash once each, then Arduino IDE freezes and I get the error.
“avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00
avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51”
It happens on both PC and Mac. I have Arduino board type set to Arduino Mega.

Other forums suggested the problem might be a corrupt bootloader, so (following the 'Hello Seeeduino.pdf) I tried to reprogram the bootloader according to the instructions on:
That Adruino IDE method doesn’t work, but the Avrdude_GUI works well, until it asks for the fuse codes, which I couldn’t find anywhere on the net.

So my questions are:

  1. Do I have a broken Seeeduino Mega, or just a bad bootloader?
  2. If it’s just a bad bootloader, can you pleaase tell me what the fuse codes are for reprogramming with Avrdude?


we are sorry, it is not working.
Please test:
1.Toggle all the switches to Atmega1280 side;
2.connect to pc; the Arduino IDE; board–> Arduino Mega; the correct com port;
And download a blink sample sketch.

If not work, please try rebootloader it.
Here is the FUSE setting:
hfuse: 0xda
lfuse: 0xff
efuse: 0xfd
lock bit: 0x0f


Thanks Albert,
Those fuse settings are giving me this error in Avrdude_IDE:

Are you sure 0xFD is the efuse setting for the Seeeduino MEGA?
I have selected the ATMega1280 (m1280) and have wired up the bitbash UART the same as your “Hello Seeeduino.pdf”.
If you have successfully used AVRDude_IDE ot program a Seeeduino MEGFA, could you perhaps send me a screenshot of your settings?
Thanks again for your help

Please try this method.
Direct unzip the files to D:\Program Files\FixSeeeduino_Mega
Fix it as the attached pdf shows.

download here:
FixSeeeduino_Mega.rar (187 KB)


Why is the text so hard to read in your FixSeeeduino_Mega.pdf document? I’m using Abobe Reader 8 and the command line texts are kind of scrambled.


here is the root cause :

seems Albert.Miao uses fancy pdf creator tool

Even OSX can’t decode the pdf correctly.

Hi guys,
I’m sorry, I print it by a foxit PDF printer.
How about this one: (91.1 KB)

Amazing! Albert, this is a fantastic effort, thank you!
Following your steps, I managed to get my Seeeduino Mega reprogrammed and running using Avrdude command prompt.

It’s worth noting that I did have one problem. At step 6, there was an error setting the efuse

But I kept following the instructions, and on exit AvrDude asked me:

I chose ‘no’ and I was able to reprogram the 1280 hex file. All is working perfectly.

So thank you very much Albert.
Now I just need to get Firmata working properly on it…

Nice, thanks

didn’t work for me((