Seeeduino Film Battery Life

Does anyone know the typical battery life for the seeedino film with the battery that it comes with?
Maybe while sleeping or while flashing an LED. … p-689.html


It is depend on how Seeeduino Film runs.
1 minute sleep --> wake up flash LED 0.1s -->1 minutes sleep, the battery will power up Seeeduino more than 24 hours.

Thanks. I just checked it.

With the basic 1 sec blink program on the Film, it is 4.74mA with the LED off and 6.18mA with the LED on.

For comparison, the Arduino Mini Pro is 5.37mA with LED off and 8.78mA with LED on.

Unfortunately, the power characteristics are not so different.

Are the Lithium Ion polymer Batteries - 980mAh that you sell compatible with the film connector/recharger? … th=178_183